Arsenal’s Future: Jack Wilshere

Arsenal’s recent defeat at Bournemouth saw Jack Wilshere return to The Vitality for the first time since his season long loan with Bournemouth. Arsenal’s performance that day was poor but Wilshere was excellent. Thus far, Arsenal’s season has been poor but again, Wilshere has been excellent. Arsenal need to give him a new contract and fast.

There’s never been any doubt that Wilshere is talented, so talented that Gary Neville this week branded him “England’s best midfielder by a street.” Eyebrows were raised when the Englishman went on loan to Bournemouth with many suggesting that this was the beginning of the end of the midfielder’s time at Arsenal. It was quite the opposite. Although Wilshere didn’t set the world alight on the South Coast, he did get fit, he did clock up minutes and he has now returned to Arsenal at his best. For that Arsenal owe Bournemouth a huge debt of gratitude.

Wilshere has had to be patient for his chance in the Premier League only featuring significantly in the Europa League until December. However, just like his time at Bournemouth, his time in the Europa League was crucial in his long term rehabilitation. He now looks stronger, quicker and more resilient than ever before. He took a heavy hit against Chelsea in the cup and was forced off, but 4 days later he was back in the Starting XI when in previous years he may have been out for a month.

His displays in recent weeks have been just what The Gunners have been crying out for. He controls the tempo of games with ease, driving the team on with strength and skill when needed, other times slowing the game down and curling passes out to the full backs.

Some pundits have suggested that he needs to add more goals and assists to his game to take himself to the next level. Actually he doesn’t. Wilshere would have an extra 5 assists this season if the Arsenal front men were firing. His chipped through ball to Alexandre Lacazette against Chelsea was brilliant in it’s simplicity and if Wilshere keeps providing passes of such quality then Arsenal will find their goalscoring form again.

Like Sanchez and Ozil, Wilshere’s contract runs out in the Summer but crucially for Arsenal he’s always been clear that he would like to stay. His commitment to Arsenal has never wavered both on and off the pitch, yet Arsenal’s commitment to keeping Wilshere is seemingly lacking.

Wilshere is an outstanding player in wonderful form. He’s a leader, a winner and has a love for Arsenal that could see him become a future Arsenal Captain. Arsenal have stuck by Wilshere through his injury problems and now he seems to have put those problems behind him, it’s time for the club and player to move forward together.


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